Our Story!

At shoe it we don’t just create a Shoe, but an experience which is personal and unique to our customers. You get something that is sketched, designed and created only for you as per your individual test and comfort.  We make absolutely hand crafted luxury by using ancient shoe making techniques and curated by experienced artisans of India.

At Shoe It, it is our philosophy that is every shoe should be unique, should be different than other without comprising with quality and comfort.

The strength of the brand of designing unique shoe is derived from today’s modern, confident, free, rebel and powerful woman who’s never settling attitude gives us opportunity and thrill to be innovative, different and sophisticate in our designs and designing approach too.

Words from our founder

My passion of doing something different has led me to start shoe it. It thrills me with the thought that, weather I’ll able to do it or not, I can make it happen or not? As it was not easy decision for me to give up my established career of seven years in financial services industry to start a new career from starch. I don’t know! My zeal and determination has motivated me to get into this vast pool of creativity where I along with my team strive to make different and unique shoes every day.

Shraddh Joshii

Shoe It